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 Post subject: Frobnozia
PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:58 pm 
I read your piece about Frobnozia at and i thought - "man, how sweet i would be if frobzonia became real here"

My country (BRASIL) currently is going trough harsh times in politics, every single week they discover a new way that the politics used to steal more money from the governments box.

One week they sell ambulances for double the price, other week the put 2k on the paychecks and only give 500 bucks. And before that they payed the congressman to vote on their proposals.

The president used money from the country to buy proofs against the oposite partys, so that way he would win the election more easily.
Dispite the fact that he governement is only based on gaining votes. - He gives away money to the poor, ruining a project that helped to put more kids on school -

This is not even 10% of the dirtyness and corruption of our rotten democracy.

And the worst thing is - President Luis InĂ¡cio "Lula" da Silva, is going to fucking win again this year.

again! how come the people are so blind?
another 4 years of shoving meat on his arse. four more years of barbecues and hores paid by our taxes.

You ask to me - "men, what the hell frobnozia and myself have to do with you country, and your stupid ruler and the people that vote for him?"

well, i dont know, but this is just one proof that frobnozia is such a great concept. even better than marxism or anarchysm.
destroing the leadership and the partys is the solution, because, in the end, they fight for theirs interests, and even if its the majority interest 50,000000000000000...1%, it can never makes everyone happy.

and that whats its all about. you know. everyone has their owns interets, and want the better for theirselves, and when that happens, the other one loses their rights. and so that way democracy destroys itselfs. like rome. like our current major system.

when one state become so big at the point that everyone interests are losts to a majority, or a elite. thats when democracy ends.
and thats when frobnozia, the only way i've seen till today that democracy will really exist.

even the random president idea is perfect, as it seem that many people like the idea of a leader or mentor.

i guess, thats enough for today. that hole point of this message is that people have the government they deserves, meaning that they voted for it. but why do i, have to pay for their mistakes ? is this what democracy is all about? i then i resign democracy ! and tell them "you can show your filthy democracy up your arses!"

 Post subject: little correction
PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2006 9:49 pm 
hmm. yeah

By Majority i acctually wanted to say minority...
Meaning Oligarchy.

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